BEIA will continue to be active in attracting and uncovering opportunities for our members.

We will further develop the environment to identify and share these opportunities with the industry, directly contributing to the success of members.

We believe synergy amongst national and regional bodies and private organisations needs to be the subject of increased transparency and co-ordination and co-operation. To this end, BEIA is increasing its efforts to keep partners informed and consulted about our Opportunity activities.


  1. Facilitate and/or generate domestic and international opportunities for members.
  2. Support member’s business development activities.
  3. Further enhance the value of MEETINGS to the sector.


  • Leverage BEIA's unique position as New Zealand’s national member association in promoting the sector.
  • Collaborate with other opportunity-generating organisations and operators to generate opportunities for members and the sector.

Opportunity KPI

• Facilitate events including MEETINGS for Members to connect with Buyers and other Members.
• BEIA continues to connect qualified buyers with regions in famils
• Provide business opportunities to Members to improve or meet ROI.