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Professional Conference Organisers (PCOs) manage conferences and events on a full-time basis. They can make organising a New Zealand conference or event very easy for you and take the hassle and the worry completely away.

BEIA Approved PCO Members have the edge over non-members as many have undergone a strict accreditation regime. Remember, if you want to ensure that your next New Zealand conference or event is one of the best ever, seriously consider using a  BEIA PCO to organise it for you.  

BEIA membership contains two types of operators within the overall conference and event management sector.  If you are looking for a qualified organisation to assist with the management of your New Zealand meeting or conference, you need to decide what type of expertise it is that you require.

BEIA Approved PCOs
A Professional Conference Organiser (PCO) specialises in the management of conferences within the "association" field – those larger domestic and international conferences organised by associations and organisations where a registration fee is payable by the individual delegate, where there is normally a trade exhibition as an integral part of the conference and sponsorship is required to support the overall costs of running the conference.   The PCO will operate sophisticated processing systems, handling on-line receipt of delegate fees through special trust accounts specifically set up for the conference and collect sponsorship and exhibition fees and pay all accounts, including GST receipts and payments, on your behalf. The PCO will, of course, handle many other aspects of your conference including the specialist handling of abstracts, catering, venue management, accommodation, touring programmes and much more. Those PCOs who are members of BEIA are designated as "BEIA Approved PCOs" and are qualified to handle the most complicated of domestic and international association conferences on your behalf. They have all signed "Minimum Service Levels" and "Code of Ethics" documents to confirm that they comply fully with the BEIA "approval" requirements.

Why should you use a BEIA Approved PCO?

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For any queries please contact the BEIA Approved PCO Group Chairperson  Arna Wahl Davies.

Event Managers
Event Managers (EM) are also experienced organisers but are not by choice equipped to handle the more complex aspects of "association" conferences as described under PCO above, usually concentrating more on the "Corporate" and "Destination Management" type events within New Zealand and offshore. Whilst they handle the management of your event they will not necessarily handle the receipt of monies or payment of accounts which may be settled directly between the client and the supplier.
Most BEIA Approved PCOs are in a position to handle EM type business, but not vice versa.

BEIA staff will be happy to explain the differences in more detail and assist with your selection of the right PCO or EM for you, if required.

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The following forms are for those who wish to apply to join the BEIA Approved PCO Group. Please complete the forms and send to BEIA, PO Box 331202, Takapuna, Auckland 0740 or alternatively email to:

BEIA Approved PCO Group Code of Ethics, Rules & Responsibilities

BEIA Approved PCO Group Minimum Service Levels

BEIA Approved PCO Group Application Form