BEIA's role is to help members navigate the industry data available by helping provide easy access, overview and commentary.

Many smaller and medium-sized operators do not have the time to navigate the available industry data. Our sharing of data will take many forms including being present in the regions and at industry functions.

We will engage with the industry to make sure our data is both relevant and current and will continue to work to share the value of the industry through research, data sharing (desk data) in a meaningful manner.


  1. Build the perceived value if data, information and insights in the industry, particularly amongst smaller and medium-sized members.
  2. Increase the use of insights in industry decision-making, particularly amongst smaller and medium-sized members.


Independently and in partnership with other organisations curate, generate and distribute relevant insights that increase the quality of decision-making in the sector.

Insights KPI

• Industry Insights. Collate the data with commentary from industry partners.
• Regional updates – set a 12 month schedule.
• Release the Australian Annual report to all Members.
• Work with MBIE to produce a report like the BECA Report.
• Incentive Strategy - complete qualitative and quantitative research into key markets.