Destination Hawke's Bay

We know a country where the food is bountiful, and the wine is beautiful.
Where the skies are big because horizons are low, and the warm gentle landscape stretches out forever.

A country stitched together by a patchwork of small towns and interesting cities that stun with their architecture and surprise with their offerings.
And where the thread that links them, all together is as much about long flat limestone bike trails as it is about conventional roads.

A country where food spans from pick your own to picking it up from a roadside stall or farmers’ market,
to taking your pick from restaurant menus that are as good as you’ll find anywhere.

As is the wine.

This is a country that will refresh you, recharge you, and just make you feel a whole lot better about things.
This country is Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand’s food and wine country.

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