Mentorship Programme Testimonials

"In my mentor I had a great trusted advisor who provided me with outside confidence as I embarked on the next step in my career. His experience was so relevant to my new role and he was a great sounding board as I worked through the challenges of learning my new position."

- Tamsin

"The programme works because it’s simple, easy to follow and rewarding. Mentors become a go-to for advice and someone to help them navigate their chosen industry. As a mentor I learnt about myself, my style, weaknesses and strengths - all in a safe and secure environment. Any time spent with a mentee is time saved in experience gained."

- Leigh

"I don’t think I fully appreciated how beneficial the programme would be until I started.  It challenged me to think about why I was doing it, what I wanted to get out of it and how I would go about that which really made me think about my career in general. I now have some solid direction and just having an ‘outsider’s perspective’ on things has helped broaden my way of looking at certain situations in general."

- Michelle

"Being a mentor is a great opportunity for both participants of the program.  For the mentee they gain a sounding board, and the chance to have dedicated time-out of busy work environments to work on themselves, to help them navigate towards desired outcomes, all in a safe and supportive environment.  For the mentor the opportunity to gain insights into their own interpersonal style and take the learnings gained from mentoring back to their own environment is invaluable."

- Gillian