BEIA 2020

BEIA 2020 is the three-year strategy for Business Events Industry Aotearoa

“To be the Association that best assists its Members to drive growth and sustainability of the high-yielding business events sector.”

BEIA 2020 contains four core functions that combine established activities with greater focus in areas vital to the industry in the medium term.

BEIA 2020 aligns BEIA activity to Tourism 2025 and the developing priorities of the New Zealand business events sector.


"The BEIA goal for the New Zealand Business Events industry in 2020 is to be worth $750m."

In 2016, conferencing directly contributed $588m to the New Zealand economy: 6.5% growth in each of the four years to 2020 will see the industry worth $756m.

Strategic Performance

BEIA performance in delivering BEIA 2020 will be assessed by the BEIA Board.

As well as using their experience and expertise, Board members representing BEIA members will assess progress by assessing how the strategy meets the needs of the tier of members they represent.

Integration with the BEIA Annual Business Plan

To ensure this strategy is deployed, the actions from it are integrated with the BEIA Annual Business Plan, integrating these actions with business-as-usual activities to form a single plan of action.